The study programme Electromechanical Engineering - Part-Time Learning functions by the same curriculum as the full attendance learning cycle, but it has some important particularities. Consequently, the graduate of this specialization gets the same type of diploma, which certifies the same competences as for the graduate of the full attendance cycle.

What is part-time learning?
It is a modern and flexible form of organizing teaching activity in the high education system, conceived for the needs of those who want to study without interrupting their professional activity. This form of education is characterized by:

  1. Students attend only applied teaching activities (seminar, laboratory, project).
  2. The applied teaching activities are organized on modules, on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. At students’ request, 1-2 afternoons can be allotted, during the week.
  3. The equivalent of classes is the individual study.
  4. The activity is directly guided by a tutor who coordinates, plans and monitors the activity and represents the contact person for students.
  5. The study fee covers all the teaching and informational materials necessary for individual study: studies guide, curricula, analytical programs for each subject matter, courses, project and laboratory platforms and other teaching materials (published or on electronic format).
  6. Teaching books are designed in an interactive, attractive form, specific to individual study, in which one can find attention marks, self-evaluation and assessment tests, as well as many examples of applications which will be made during laboratory classes.
  7. Teaching and informational materials are distributed by tutor at the beginning of each semester, according to procedures designed for this purpose.